Breaking News: Haldyn Glass Limited Ignites Glass Furnace with HORN Glass Technology in India

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Exciting Milestone: Haldyn Glass Limited’s New Endeavor

Gujarat, India, September 2023 – In a significant leap towards innovation, Haldyn Glass Limited, formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone. Part of the esteemed Haldyn Corporation Limited, this renowned Indian company has set the stage for a transformative journey in glass manufacturing.

A Legacy of Quality and Trust

Established in 1991, Haldyn Glass Limited is an integral part of Haldyn Corporation Limited, a leader in brown and white soda lime container glass production. With a steadfast commitment to quality, Haldyn Glass Limited has garnered trust from global clientele in industries spanning food, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, spirits, and beer.

Revolutionizing Glass Production with HORN Glass Industries

In a game-changing move, Haldyn Glass Limited collaborated with HORN Glass Industries, a trailblazer in the glass technology domain. In May 2022, HORN Glass Industries received a monumental order from Haldyn Glass Limited for the construction of Furnace 3 – an End Fired Furnace featuring five production lines. This state-of-the-art facility boasts a melting area spanning 86.14 square meters, enabling the production of a staggering 280 tonnes of glass daily.

Innovative Engineering and Expert Supervision

HORN Glass Industries, known for its expertise and innovation, meticulously engineered various aspects of this ambitious project. From refractory materials and steel structures to critical equipment and combustion systems, HORN’s contributions were instrumental in the project’s success. The installation also featured the cutting-edge HVR 500F® HORN Batch Charger, a testament to HORN’s commitment to innovation.

Timely Delivery and Exceptional Collaboration

Despite challenging timelines and logistical constraints, HORN Glass Industries seamlessly delivered the required equipment to India, ensuring the project stayed on track. On September 6, 2023, the glass flow commenced, marking a momentous occasion in Haldyn Glass Limited’s journey. Remarkably, the entire project was commissioned well ahead of the set target date, underscoring the exceptional collaboration between Haldyn Glass Limited and HORN Glass Industries.

A Bright Future Ahead

This successful venture signifies more than just a glass production facility; it represents a vision realized and a testament to collaborative excellence. As Haldyn Glass Limited embarks on this new chapter, the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and efficient manufacturing stands as a beacon for the industry. The future is undoubtedly bright for Haldyn Glass Limited, setting new benchmarks and inspiring others in the realm of glass manufacturing.

Source: Haldyn Glass Limited with additional information added by Apazone

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