Breaking News: Glass for Europe Champions the Net-Zero Industry Act

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The Flat Glass Industry’s Commitment to the Net-Zero Industry Act

The flat glass industry is at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions to support the objectives of the Net-Zero Industry Act. With a strong focus on resilience and competitiveness, the industry aims to contribute significantly to the EU’s decarbonization efforts.

Decarbonizing Energy with Solar Glass and High-Performance Glazing

Solar glass for photovoltaic (PV) applications and high-performance glazing for buildings play a crucial role in decarbonizing the energy sector and reducing overall energy consumption. These innovative products offer sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Advancing the Net-Zero Industry Act: Glass for Europe’s Position

In a recently published position paper, Glass for Europe, the European Association of flat glass manufacturers, calls for targeted improvements to the Net-Zero Industry Act. By addressing three key areas, they aim to enhance the EU’s industrial and energy autonomy.

Simplifying Value-Chain Criteria for Net-Zero Technologies

Glass for Europe advocates for a simplified value-chain approach to scale up the manufacturing of clean technologies in Europe. By streamlining regulatory frameworks and creating favorable market conditions, the European flat glass industry can significantly increase solar glass production capacity to meet the future demands of EU-made solar energy modules.

Supporting Net-Zero Strategic Manufacturing Projects

The industry emphasizes the importance of increased support for “net-zero strategic manufacturing projects,” such as solar glass manufacturing. Financial assistance is vital for launching new production lines and ensuring long-term competitiveness. Recognizing the sustainability of EU-made products, rewarding and incentivizing their production is crucial.

Inclusion of High-Performance Glazing in Net-Zero Technologies

Glass for Europe highlights the missed opportunity in excluding energy-efficient technologies like high-performance glazing from the group of net-zero technologies. Decision-makers are urged to address this oversight promptly, considering the significant role that energy-efficient buildings play in achieving net-zero goals.

Source: Glass for Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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