Breaking News: FGS Unveils Exciting Viprotron Partnership at FIT Show!

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Flat Glass Solutions Becomes Official UK Distributor for Viprotron, the Leading Glass Scanning Technology Provider

FIT Show 2023, United Kingdom – Flat Glass Solutions, the renowned website maker, proudly announces its partnership with Viprotron, the market leader in glass scanning technology. With nearly two decades of expertise in automated and manual glass scanning systems, Viprotron offers a wide range of innovative solutions to glass processors. These solutions are specifically designed to identify and eliminate defects like inclusions, scratches, bubbles, and dirt, ensuring impeccable product quality.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

By seamlessly integrating Viprotron’s scanners into their processing lines, glass manufacturers can achieve significant improvements in productivity and cost savings. The scanners allow for the identification of damaged products before dispatch, enabling quick remedial action and preventing costly rejections. Moreover, the automatic archiving feature ensures comprehensive quality control procedures and provides customers with added confidence in the product’s excellence.

A Sound Investment for Glass Processors

David Cahill, the Managing Director of Flat Glass Solutions, emphasizes the transformative impact of Viprotron’s scanners. With the ability to detect damaged glass during production, glass processors can avoid the financial burden of replacing flawed units on-site. For glass manufacturers, the adoption of Viprotron’s technology proves highly beneficial, with the investment paying for itself in less than a year, depending on production volume.

Cahill explains, “The repercussions of poor quality glass units slipping through despatch quality checks and being installed on-site can be significant. With Viprotron’s scanners, we can proactively identify damaged glass, resulting in substantial savings and ensuring only the highest standard of glass reaches the market.”

Tailored Solutions for Every Budget

Viprotron offers an extensive range of scanning solutions to suit various budgets and application requirements. The ECO Scanner and ECO Scanner Pro provide cost-effective defect detection capabilities, seamlessly integrating with existing production lines. On the other end, the advanced Quality Scanner3D system caters to more demanding applications. The flagship Temper Scanner 5D boasts a complete metrology system, capable of detecting defects such as rollerwave, edge kink, anisotropy, white haze, scratches, and coating imperfections.

Sandra Kugler, Viprotron’s Sales Manager-Europe, expressed her delight about the partnership with Flat Glass Solutions, stating, “Our comprehensive range of automatic glass defect detection solutions has been perfected over nearly two decades. With a modest investment, glass manufacturers can significantly enhance production efficiency, gaining a crucial advantage in an industry where cost and quality are paramount.”

For more information about Viprotron’s cutting-edge glass scanning technology, visit the Flat Glass Solutions website or contact our dedicated team today. Experience the future of glass processing with Viprotron and Flat Glass Solutions, your trusted partners in achieving excellence.

Source: Flat Glass Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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