Breaking News: Decoding the Mystery Behind Pharmaceutical Glass Breakages – Unraveling the Role of Cavitation in GTS!

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Unveiling the Secret Behind Pharmaceutical Glass Breakages: The Impact of Cavitation

Did you know that a snapping shrimp possesses a remarkable defense mechanism? By snapping its claws, it can create rapid jets of water, moving so swiftly that the pressure within drops below that of the surrounding water. As a result, tiny bubbles form and expand, showcasing a natural occurrence of cavitation.

Understanding Cavitation and Its Relevance to Glass

But what exactly is cavitation, and how does it relate to glass? Cavitation is a phenomenon in which a sudden drop in pressure causes the fluid within a container to change from liquid to vapor state. This natural occurrence can lead to pharmaceutical glass breakages, posing potential risks to drug products and causing protein aggregation.

Factors Impacting Cavitation

Several crucial factors influence the likelihood of cavitation in pharmaceutical packaging:

1. Fill Volume: Smaller fill volumes can reduce the chance of cavitation, providing an essential consideration in packaging design.

2. Vial Dimensions: Opting for larger diameter vials can effectively decrease the likelihood of cavitation, offering added protection to your valuable products.

3. Vial Material: The choice of material plays a significant role, as plastic containers have been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of cavitation. Choosing the right material is vital to ensure the integrity and safety of your pharmaceuticals.

4. Product Purity: Pharmaceutical products, often requiring high purity water, are more susceptible to cavitation. Understanding these unique challenges can help in finding optimal solutions.

Addressing Cavitation Concerns

Should you encounter issues with your pharmaceutical glass packaging, worry not! A team of technical experts is well-equipped to provide solutions and assistance. Their commitment to innovation and quality ensures your products are protected and delivered to patients safely.

Discover the power of glass and the expertise available today. Let the experts safeguard your pharmaceutical products against the hidden impact of cavitation. Reach out for tailored solutions and unparalleled support!

Source: Glass Technology Services with additional information added by Apazone

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