Breaking News: Corning and SGD Pharma Forge a Game-Changing Partnership to Unveil State-of-the-Art Glass Tubing Facility in India

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Breaking News: Corning and SGD Pharma Unite Forces to Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in India

In an unprecedented move, Corning Incorporated and SGD Pharma have joined hands to establish a cutting-edge glass tubing facility in Telangana, India. This strategic collaboration aims to meet the growing demand for pharmaceutical products while enhancing vial quality and optimizing production efficiency.

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with Innovative Technology

Corning, renowned for its Velocity® Vial technology platform, is teaming up with SGD Pharma, a leading vial-converting expert, to introduce game-changing advancements in the industry. By combining SGD Pharma’s expertise with Corning’s proprietary glass-coating technology, this collaboration will propel the evolution of high-quality tubular glass packaging.

Advancing Quality and Efficiency in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The groundbreaking partnership between Corning and SGD Pharma holds immense potential for revolutionizing drug filling quality and performance capabilities. With Corning’s coated vial technology at the forefront, drug manufacturers will be empowered to respond effectively to complex capacity and quality challenges while ensuring the swift global delivery of life-saving injectable treatments.

A Promising Future for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Landscape

As an integral part of Corning’s extensive network, SGD Pharma will contribute to the expansion of Velocity Vials’ manufacturing footprint. By localizing supply chains and fostering closer collaborations with Indian customers, this joint venture aims to streamline the adoption of Corning’s cutting-edge coating technology within the primary-packaging market.

Pioneering Growth in India’s Thriving Market

Corning’s commitment to India’s high-growth market is further reinforced by this transformative partnership. By establishing a state-of-the-art facility in Vemula, India, SGD Pharma will commence manufacturing Velocity Vials in 2024, followed by pharmaceutical tubing production in 2025. This local manufacturing initiative not only strengthens Corning’s leadership position but also ensures seamless access to innovative glass technology for pharmaceutical companies operating in India.

For more information on Corning’s revolutionary Velocity Vial technology platform and its profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry, please visit here.

Source: Corning Incorporated with additional information added by Apazone

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