Breaking News: Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America Announces Closure of Two Plants in July

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Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America to Close Two Plants in Mid-July

Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America has announced its decision to close two plants in Simsboro, Louisiana, and Wilson, North Carolina, effective mid-July. The company cites decreased demand as one of the primary reasons behind this strategic move.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

In a statement, Ardagh emphasizes its ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, American-made sustainable glass packaging to its customers. The closures are part of the company’s multi-year performance optimization program, which includes targeted investments in enhanced capacity and continuous cost optimization.

Continued Supply for Existing Customers

While the affected plants will cease operations, Ardagh assures that existing customers will not face disruptions in their supply chain. Alternative locations within the company’s extensive network will cater to the ongoing needs of these customers.

Impact on Workforce

The Simsboro plant currently employs approximately 245 individuals, while the Wilson facility has around 390 employees. Ardagh is committed to supporting its workforce through this transition and exploring opportunities for redeployment within the organization.

As Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America takes these steps to align with market conditions, the company remains dedicated to delivering exceptional products and maintaining its position as a leader in the glass packaging industry.

Source: Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America with additional information added by Apazone

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