Breaking Boundaries: Stoelzle Unveils Europe’s Largest Furnace Installation

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Bold Expansion at Stoelzle Częstochowa: Unveiling Europe’s Largest Flint Furnace!

On the 13th of July, Stoelzle Częstochowa triumphantly marked the completion of its ambitious flint furnace rebuild and expansion project. Achieving this remarkable feat in an astonishing 11 weeks, the last brick was symbolically set during a momentous celebration, accompanied by a press conference that echoed the excitement of this grand achievement.

Reaching New Heights: Powering Ahead with Enhanced Production

With the successful reconstruction, the expanded furnace now boasts a staggering production capacity of 480 tonnes per day. Driving greater efficiency and performance, three state-of-the-art production lines have been added to the setup. This substantial EUR 45 million (PLN 200 million) investment elevates the melting output by an impressive 45 percent. A masterstroke of modern melting technology, the new furnace significantly reduces energy consumption, cutting down at least 10 percent of energy use per tonne of glass. The enhanced E-boosting capability enables flexible integration of more green electricity, further curbing natural gas consumption.

A Shared Vision: Commemorating Excellence

The momentous press conference saw esteemed attendees, including Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, the Mayor of Częstochowa, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, owner of Stoelzle Glass Group, Dr. August Grupp, Head of Business Unit Spirits, and Artur Wołoszyn, CEO of Stoelzle Częstochowa. Together, they celebrated the fruits of vision and dedication that materialized in this groundbreaking project.

Fulfilling the Demands: Embracing New Opportunities

As Artur Wołoszyn, CEO of Stoelzle Częstochowa, remarked, “The construction of the new furnace was completed in less than 80 days. It was a lot of work, challenges, and experiences for our team, who handled the project exceptionally well, thanks to two years of excellent planning. Several hundred individuals contributed to ensuring that the investment proceeded according to plan while adhering to the highest safety standards. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved! In the next two weeks, we will commission the technological infrastructure of the furnace, with full operation resuming by the end of July.”

Empowering Prestige Spirits: Meeting Market Demand

Dr. August Grupp, Head of Business Unit Spirits, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “This furnace with the increased capacity enables our Glass Group to cater to the Prestige Spirits market segment. With a growing demand, we are eager to respond with this additional capacity. Complementing this expansion, a new printing machine in our decoration department empowers us to fulfill our customers’ needs for decorated glass bottles seamlessly.”

Embracing Growth: A Vision Realized

The expansion of the glass furnace and the installation of three new production lines at Stoelzle Częstochowa in Poland mark another significant milestone in the Glass Group’s long-term growth strategy. Earlier in 2021, the new Logistics Centre was unveiled, and in March 2022, a high-speed spraying line was added to increase the product portfolio of decorations for both existing and new clients.

Gratitude to Local Partners: A Collaborative Effort

Acknowledging the collaborative spirit behind the success, the furnace project was brought to life with the contributions of esteemed regional companies from Poland, including TechGlass, Kobnext, Zremb, MAKO, Alpinet, El-Logic, Tech-Met, and Forglass.

Stoelzle Częstochowa embraces this groundbreaking achievement with a resolute commitment to excellence, shaping a future of endless possibilities in the world of glass production.

Source: Stoelzle Częstochowa with additional information added by Apazone

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