Breaking Boundaries: Guardian Glass Unveils Exciting New Feature in Performance Calculator Tool!

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Guardian Glass Revolutionizes Sustainability with New Embodied Carbon Calculator in Performance Calculator Tool!

In a pioneering move towards sustainability, Guardian Glass proudly presents an innovative new feature in its Performance Calculator tool – the Embodied Carbon Calculator. This groundbreaking addition empowers architects, specifiers, and glass processors to calculate the embodied carbon of their glazing selections, facilitating well-informed choices and greener design decisions from the early stages.

A Comprehensive Suite of Engineering Tools

Embedded within the existing Guardian Glass Performance Calculator, this online tool is part of the all-encompassing Glass Analytics suite. A virtual treasure trove of thermal and optical property modeling for glass substrates, coatings, and interlayers, it showcases the manifold benefits of high-performance glass in building facades.

Enhancing Project Configuration with Sustainability Insights

The new Embodied Carbon Calculator feature is an environmental game-changer. With a diverse range of glazing configurations at their disposal, users can access performance data, while simultaneously gauging the embodied CO2 equivalent for their selections. This estimation takes into account float glass, coated glass, laminated glass, and coated laminated glass products produced by Guardian Glass in Europe.

Understanding the Methodology

Powered by the Performance Calculator, users can explore an array of glazing options, from single-layered to multi-layered constructions, with coatings and interlayers. The embodied carbon data represents CO2 equivalent in kilograms per square meter of glass, emitted during the glass production (Cradle-to-gate*). Calculated using Embodied Carbon Factors derived from third-party verified Regional Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), it provides transparent insights into the product’s lifecycle environmental impact.

Empowering Sustainable Choices

Access to the Embodied Carbon Calculator and Glass Analytics is now available through the Resource Hub, a gateway to sustainability and conscious design. Embrace the power of information and step towards a greener, eco-conscious future with Guardian Glass!

Source: Guardian Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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