Breaking Barriers for a Safer World: Meet Julia Schimmelpenningh

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Eastman Expert Julia Schimmelpenningh Receives Industry Acclaim for Her Trailblazing Contributions to Safety

Springfield, Massachusetts – In a world where safety is paramount, Julia Schimmelpenningh, an esteemed technical engagement manager at Eastman, is making remarkable strides. With unwavering dedication, she devotes her days to breaking glass, thereby safeguarding lives and preventing potential injuries caused by car accidents, hurricanes, active shooter attacks, and harmful UV rays.

Schimmelpenningh spearheads the development of innovative laminated glass solutions as a part of Eastman Saflex™ and Vanceva™ colored PVB interlayers. These revolutionary products find applications in the architectural and automotive industries. Based in the Springfield office, she leads a dynamic team of experts at Eastman’s Indian Orchard plant, specializing in glass safety testing and the exploration of novel approaches to enhance glass security.

What sets Schimmelpenningh apart is her dedication to transforming her work into industry leadership, transcending geographical boundaries. Since 1992, she has actively participated in ASTM International, a renowned organization that establishes global standards for testing, products, materials, and operational systems. Schimmelpenningh’s invaluable contributions to ASTM committees and her role on the board of directors have earned her widespread recognition.

In a remarkable achievement, Schimmelpenningh was honored with the prestigious International E. George Stern Award of Excellence in late 2022—the highest accolade presented by ASTM. The significance of the award was further amplified by her personal connection to E. George Stern, the award’s namesake. It was Stern who entrusted Schimmelpenningh with her initial assignment at ASTM, wherein she authored a groundbreaking building standard for glass handrails, preventing potential shattering or glass fallout incidents in buildings with such installations.

Moreover, in 2022, Schimmelpenningh served as the technical chair for the committee responsible for developing and publishing the new ASTM standard on forced entry through active shooter attacks. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing safety knows no bounds.

Schimmelpenningh’s profound passion for research can be traced back to her time at Emmanuel College, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. Although she initially anticipated a career in medical research, her early experiences ignited a deep interest in safety, which ultimately blossomed into an unwavering passion.

Reflecting on her journey, Schimmelpenningh remarked, “I can’t imagine venturing into any other industry today.” With a career spanning over three decades, she has consistently pursued her mission to create a safer world.

“I have a clear vision of the products we offer and the topics we wish to address. However, to establish credibility within the industry, I must comprehend the profound impact of our solutions,” Schimmelpenningh asserted. “Building trust within the industry is crucial, proving that we are not merely product advocates. It’s about the collective good, both for the industry and the people it serves.”

Schimmelpenningh embarked on her journey with Monsanto in 1989, initially joining the Saflex business unit, which later became part of Solutia. In 2012, she transitioned to Eastman following the company’s acquisition of Solutia.

As we navigate the complexities of an ever-changing world, professionals like Julia Schimmelpenningh serve as beacons of hope, ensuring our safety remains a top priority. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment make the world a better place, one breakthrough at a time.

Source: Eastman with additional information added by Apazone

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