Bormioli Luigi Successfully Completes Merger with Bormioli Rocco

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Bormioli Luigi’s Merger with Bormioli Rocco Marks a Strategic Milestone

Bormioli Luigi, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality containers for perfume, alcoholic beverages, and exquisite crystal glass tableware, has successfully completed its merger with Bormioli Rocco, a leading Italian glass manufacturer specializing in tableware.

A Strategic Unification

This merger marks a significant strategic move, building upon Bormioli Rocco’s acquisition by Bormioli Luigi in 2017. The union promises to unlock new avenues of growth and innovation. In a statement, Bormioli Luigi emphasized that the merger would not only impact production and marketing but also various critical aspects, including human resources, finances, and supply chains.

A Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Bormioli Luigi’s commitment to excellence has long been evident in its premium product offerings. Their portfolio includes top-notch containers for fragrances, alcoholic beverages, and the finest crystal glass tableware. On the other hand, Bormioli Rocco has established itself as a prominent Italian player in the tableware sector, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Expanding Horizons in Spain

In April 2023, Bormioli Luigi took a significant step forward by inaugurating a new production unit in Azuqueca, Spain. Initially, this site was dedicated to the tableware business after its acquisition in 2017. Now, it has been transformed to house state-of-the-art facilities for crafting fragrance and cosmetics bottles. The facility boasts four cutting-edge IS machines for hollow glass manufacturing and a dedicated decoration workshop, underlining Bormioli Luigi’s commitment to innovation and quality.

A Visionary Merger

The merger between Bormioli Luigi and Bormioli Rocco is poised to shape the future of glass manufacturing, combining expertise and capabilities to deliver unparalleled products and services to customers worldwide. As the companies align their strategies and resources, they aim to lead the industry into a new era of excellence and innovation.

Source: Bormioli Luigi with additional information added by Apazone

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