Bormioli Luigi Elevates Glass Decoration with Sputtering Investment in Italian Facility

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Bormioli Luigi, the renowned glass manufacturer, makes a strategic investment in decoration facilities for sputtering at its Parma, Italy site, enhancing the aesthetic and eco-friendly aspects of its glass products.

Bormioli Luigi, a leading glass manufacturer, is set to revolutionize glass decoration with a significant investment in sputtering equipment at its Parma, Italy facility. Sputtering, a cutting-edge decoration technique, provides meticulous control over metal applications on glass, ensuring a 100% recyclable end product. While offering the desirable attributes of metallisation, such as shine and shock resistance, sputtering employs a unique application process. Emanuela Fava, R&D Manager of the Parma decoration workshop, elaborates on the technique’s advantages, stating, “The sputtering technique we have invested in combines the aesthetic benefits of metallisation with remarkable flexibility. Decoration is meticulously applied in a vacuum through a specific process, resulting in a metallic finish with multiple shades. The key advantage lies in the precise control of metal fragment deposition, preserving the bottle’s transparency and ensuring recyclability.” The selected metals, including steel, gold, silver, or copper, undergo transformation with gas and are delicately deposited on the bottle’s surface as micro-fragments, allowing for thickness customization with minimal environmental impact. The primary objective is to provide transparent glass that remains easily detectable in recycling streams, guaranteeing optimal recyclability.

Source: Apazone

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