Boosting Local Glass Recycling: A 31% Surge in Cullet Exports to Europe

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Strengthening the Circular Economy for Glass in the UK

The United Kingdom is witnessing a steady rise in the export of cullet to mainland Europe, emphasizing the need to maintain a focus on local glass recycling initiatives. British Glass, the esteemed representative body of the UK’s glass industry, unveils an enlightening infographic to underscore the significance of this cause. This document sheds light on the profound advantages of a circular economy for glass within the UK, where glass can be endlessly recycled, remelted, and remoulded without ever compromising its quality.

A Growing Concern

A matter of growing concern is the substantial export of waste glass from the UK to mainland Europe. In the past year alone, the export of glass cullet soared by a staggering 79,000 tonnes, marking a 31% increase compared to 2021. This escalating trend has a profound impact on both the environment and the economy.

The Call to Keep It Local

Keeping glass recycling local is not just a matter of environmental responsibility; it holds the potential to transform the landscape of sustainability. By doing so, we can significantly reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, slash carbon emissions, and create opportunities for local businesses to champion their involvement in the circular economy.

Collaborating for a Greener Tomorrow

British Glass extends an invitation to local authorities to contemplate the destination of collected waste glass. This conscious choice stands as a pivotal means to bolster the UK circular economy and amplify industry decarbonization efforts. The UK’s glass industry is a powerhouse, contributing approximately £1.6 billion to the national economy annually. It fuels the livelihoods of 24,000 individuals directly and supports over 150,000 jobs across the entire supply chain.

A Vision for Progress

Dave Dalton, the CEO of British Glass, passionately advocates for supporting the UK circular economy in glass and the journey toward decarbonization. He underscores the remarkable attribute of glass—its ability to be recycled endlessly without losing quality. This feature presents a unique opportunity to thrive within a closed loop, making a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and the creation of jobs in the UK glass industry.

For the full infographic, please access the PDF below. Together, we can drive transformative change in the glass industry, nurturing a sustainable future for all.

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