ASI Entity GHG Pathways Tool Approved: A Milestone in Sustainable Aluminum Practices

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In a landmark decision, the ASI Board, during its November 15, 2023 meeting, gave its nod to the ASI Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool.

The ASI Board’s recent approval of the ASI Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool marks a pivotal moment in the aluminum industry’s journey toward sustainability. During the board meeting on November 15, 2023, the tool secured recognition as an “ASI endorsed methodology” for Performance Standard v3 Criterion 5.3, specifically addressing GHG Emissions Reduction Plans. The tool’s approval follows extensive work by the ASI Climate Change Working Group throughout 2023 to create a methodology aligned with a 1.5C warming scenario.

The Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool, now an Excel-based solution, requires minimal input from entities, typically involving just 1-2 numbers. This simplicity aims to facilitate its adoption by ASI-certified entities, allowing them to generate customized pathways for their Supply Chain Activities within the Certification Scope. The tool’s efficiency and ease of use contribute to its status as a critical priority for ASI in the ongoing year.

Looking ahead, the ASI Secretariat is diligently working on the rollout plan. This includes the publication of the method, tool, and supporting training in January 2024, offering entities and auditors ample time to prepare for implementation and audits. Furthermore, the Tool will be incorporated into the ASI Performance Standard Guidance revision (v.3.1.1) in May 2024, becoming the benchmark against which subsequent ASI audits will be assessed.

The ASI Board expressed its appreciation to the Standards Committee, Climate Change Working Group, and Secretariat for the timely delivery of a 1.5-degree aligned method applicable to all ASI certifying entities. This achievement underscores ASI’s commitment to advancing sustainability within the aluminum industry.

As part of its ongoing efforts, the Secretariat will continue research and development throughout 2024, focusing on areas such as bauxite and alumina slopes and land use emissions. The Entity GHG Pathways Calculation Tool represents a crucial step forward, aligning industry practices with global sustainability goals and reaffirming ASI’s dedication to driving positive change.

Source: Apazone

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