Ardagh’s Educational Initiative Makes Impactful Investment in Brazil

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Empowering Communities: Ardagh Invests in Brazilian Education

Ardagh Group S.A. has unveiled its latest stride in the Ardagh for Education initiative, marking the program’s third major multi-year investment. This venture is set to channel approximately USD 5 million over a span of ten years into the local communities hosting Ardagh’s Brazilian facilities. Following the successful launch of analogous programs in the USA in 2021 and in Germany in 2022, this partnership signifies a significant leap forward for Ardagh for Education – a global social sustainability education endeavor pioneered by Ardagh.

Cultivating Knowledge: Collaborative Endeavors

In Brazil, Ardagh forges an impactful alliance with the Brazilian Social Service for Industry, commonly known as SESI. Together, they will spearhead STEM education initiatives aimed at both teachers and students within primary and secondary schools nestled in Ardagh’s Brazilian operational communities. This strategic collaboration with SESI will propel and magnify the influence of top-tier science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction. The overarching goal is to ignite students’ curiosity in STEM subjects while arming them with the indispensable 21st-century competencies. Anticipating substantial outreach, it’s projected that Ardagh-sponsored educational programs will enrich the lives of 200,000 primary and secondary school students over the next decade. Additionally, these initiatives will provide exceptional teacher training to 2,500 educators across 200 schools situated within Ardagh’s Brazilian spheres.

SESI: An Engine of Transformation

The Brazilian Social Service for Industry, SESI, stands as a non-profit entity fostering a symbiotic relationship with both the private and public sectors. Imbued with a profound mission, SESI is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and social welfare across Brazil, particularly among industrial workers and their families.

Shaping Futures through Education

This strategic partnership crystallizes Ardagh’s unwavering commitment to fostering societal progress through education. By investing in STEM education and teacher training, Ardagh envisions a future where knowledge is a transformative catalyst, propelling communities toward greater prosperity and innovation.

Source: Ardagh Group S.A. with additional information added by Apazone

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