Ardagh Glass Packaging Earns Top Honors as ‘Best Sustainability Supplier’

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Edrington’s Supplier Awards Celebrate Excellence in Sustainability and Quality

Every year, the Spirit Industry eagerly anticipates Edrington’s Supplier Awards, a prestigious event that acknowledges the remarkable contributions of the premium spirits company’s suppliers. These awards serve as a testament to their outstanding performance and unwavering support throughout the year.

AGP-UK Shines in Sustainability

In a standout moment at this year’s ceremony, Ardagh Glass Packaging (AGP)-UK claimed the coveted title of ‘Best Sustainability Supplier of the Year.’ This recognition stems from AGP-UK’s relentless dedication to enhancing sustainability in the production of ‘The Macallan’ single malt Scotch Whisky glass bottle. AGP-UK has been the trusted supplier of this iconic glass bottle for ‘The Macallan’ brand since 2022.

A Weighty Achievement

One of AGP-UK’s significant achievements has been the remarkable reduction in the bottle’s weight, a testament to their commitment to sustainability. By slashing the bottle’s weight by 85g, AGP-UK has not only contributed to more sustainable production and transit but has also upheld the high quality and integrity of ‘The Macallan’ brand.

Sustainable Practices and Quality

Lesley Robinson, National Account Manager at AGP-UK, highlighted the company’s sustainable practices, stating, “We use recycled commercial flint glass cullet to produce ‘The Macallan’ bottle, which lowers carbon emissions. Our colleagues at Edrington have been delighted with the resulting quality and clear color of the glass, as well as its improved sustainability credentials.”

Double Triumph for AGP-UK

AGP-UK’s commitment to excellence didn’t stop at sustainability. The company also clinched a gold award in the Supplier Conformance category. This accolade recognizes suppliers for their outstanding quality performance and exceptional customer service throughout the year.

AGP-UK’s recognition at Edrington’s Supplier Awards underscores its commitment to sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction, reaffirming its position as a trusted partner in the spirits industry.

Source: Edrington with additional information added by Apazone

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