Ardagh Glass Advances: NextGen Furnace Construction Approaches Completion

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Advancing Towards Sustainability: Ardagh Glass’ NextGen Furnace Nears Completion

In the heart of Obernkirchen, Germany, a remarkable transformation is taking place. The construction of Ardagh Glass Packaging’s (AGP) groundbreaking NextGen Furnace is inching closer to completion. With the furnace’s core structure and refractory brickwork already in place, the final stages now involve the installation of electrical components and other essential services.

A Fusion of Innovation: The NextGen Furnace

Ardagh’s NextGen Furnace embodies innovation, sustainability, and progress. This hybrid furnace technology is a powerful blend of 80 percent renewable electricity and 20 percent gas, representing a significant milestone in reducing CO2 emissions. By harnessing this innovative technology, the furnace aims to cut emissions by up to 60 percent, fundamentally reshaping the carbon footprint of glass packaging.

A Message from Jens Schaefer, Operations Director

Jens Schaefer, Operations Director at Ardagh Glass Packaging-Germany, shares his excitement, stating, “We are delighted to see this ground-breaking furnace nearing completion. We are firmly on track to deliver commercial bottles produced in the NextGen Furnace this year; the next step will be the furnace heat-up, followed by full glass production in Q4. I would like to thank all the AGP team, our suppliers and sub-contractors who have worked with such dedication and focus to deliver this exciting project.”

A Vision of Sustainable Production

This pioneering furnace is set to redefine glass production, utilizing a substantial amount of recycled glass cullet to manufacture up to 350 tonnes of glass bottles daily. Initially focusing on amber glass, the furnace holds the capacity to produce a spectrum of colors, marking a significant stride towards sustainability and a greener future for glass packaging.

Stay tuned for further updates as Ardagh Glass progresses on its journey toward a more environmentally conscious and innovative glass packaging industry.

Source: Ardagh Glass Packaging with additional information added by Apazone

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