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Announcing a New Era: Matthias Bach Takes the Helm as CEO of Swisspacer

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New Leadership, Bright Horizons: Matthias Bach Takes the Helm at Swisspacer

In a strategic move to steer Swisspacer towards new horizons, Matthias Bach, former Technical Director, has assumed the role of CEO, effective from 1st October. This significant transition comes as Francis Cholley, the outgoing CEO, embarks on a new journey as General Manager at EuroKera, a notable joint venture between Saint-Gobain and Corning.

A Journey of Expertise and Leadership

With an impressive tenure of 8 years at Swisspacer, Matthias Bach’s journey has been marked by continuous growth and expertise. Starting as a Supply Chain project leader, Bach’s exceptional abilities led him to the position of Technical Director in 2017. His profound understanding of the intricacies of the industry is complemented by a master’s degree in industrial engineering and an executive MBA, underscoring his strong leadership credentials.

Paving the Path for Future Success

“I am deeply honored to guide the talented Swisspacer team into a promising future. I am enthusiastic about upholding the successful internationalization efforts initiated by Francis Cholley,” expressed Bach. His vision for the company includes building on its strong foundation, expanding global footprints, and fostering innovation.

A Legacy of Achievements and Growth

Bach’s contributions to Swisspacer are underscored by his instrumental role in establishing new facilities in England and France. Moreover, he played a pivotal part in restructuring the production network in 2021, a move that significantly bolstered the company’s efficiency and productivity.

A Visionary Approach to Growth

Reflecting on the company’s achievements, Bach stated, “Our success story is marked by substantial investments, doubling our production capacities, and implementing advanced automation and digitalization processes. Innovative logistics concepts have further propelled our growth trajectory.” His strategic focus on automation and digitalization aligns with Swisspacer’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Acknowledging a Seamless Transition

During the baton handover, former CEO Francis Cholley expressed his confidence in Bach, stating, “Swisspacer boasts a remarkable team, exceptional products, and tremendous growth potential. I wholeheartedly believe that Matthias possesses the ideal leadership qualities to elevate Swisspacer to new heights.”

As Swisspacer embarks on this new chapter under Matthias Bach’s leadership, there is palpable anticipation for the innovative strategies and achievements that lie ahead. The company stands poised for continued success and global prominence, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to excellence and visionary leadership.

Source: Swisspacer with additional information added by Apazone

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