AMETEK Land Unveils Upgraded SPOT+ Pyrometer Range for Precision Measurement

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Enhancing Industrial Temperature Measurement: AMETEK Land Unveils the SPOT+ Pyrometer Range

In a groundbreaking move, AMETEK Land, the foremost manufacturer of monitors and analyzers for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, is proud to relaunch its renowned SPOT pyrometer range. With an array of upgraded features and benefits, this relaunch promises to redefine precision temperature measurement across a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Unveiling the SPOT+ Family

The new SPOT+ family boasts an extensive temperature measurement range, spanning from 50 to 3500 degrees Celsius (122 to 6332 degrees Fahrenheit). This versatility caters to an array of industries, including metals, glass, cement and lime kilns, and foundries. The SPOT+ range offers an array of options, including monochromatic and ratio pyrometers, fiber optic heads, and sophisticated algorithm pyrometers tailored for complex materials like aluminum and galvanized steel.

Empowering Connectivity for the Future

With an eye on the future of industrial technology, the SPOT+ range features a diverse set of communication interfaces, making it ideal for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) factory automation applications. Beyond traditional 4-20 mA signals, SPOT+ supports Ethernet/IP, REST API, and Modbus TCP/IP as standard interfaces. Furthermore, an integrated web server simplifies control and setup through a standard browser, while upgraded cybersecurity measures bolster the instrument’s defense against unauthorized access.

A Vision Beyond Temperature Measurement

The SPOT+ range transcends conventional temperature measurement with an integrated video camera. This feature provides a visible light process view in conjunction with infrared temperature measurement, enabling safe and convenient sighting. Video images are accessible via the webserver and AMETEK Land’s IMAGEPro software, allowing remote alignment checks and image logging for quality assurance.

Built to Thrive in Demanding Environments

Designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, SPOT+ pyrometers shine in hazardous area zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 when housed within LAND’s high-specification EXSH enclosure. These pyrometers exhibit rapid response times, as low as 1ms, rendering them suitable for fast-moving industrial processes.

The Legacy of SPOT Pyrometers

AMETEK Land’s SPOT pyrometers have always been at the forefront of temperature measurement technology, backed by extensive research and development. The SPOT+ enhancements usher in a new era of connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with control systems and robust data transmission security. Enhanced electronic and electromechanical components guarantee exceptional reliability and precision, all supported by a reassuring 36-month warranty. To complement these advancements, a comprehensive range of accessories is available for installations in the most demanding applications.

AMETEK Land’s SPOT+ pyrometer range is set to redefine temperature measurement in the industrial landscape, ushering in an era of enhanced precision and connectivity.

Source: AMETEK Land with additional information added by Apazone

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