AMETEK Land Ensures Peak Performance with Service and Calibration Support

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World-Leading Infrared Pyrometer Manufacturer, AMETEK Land, Prioritizes Customer Confidence with Comprehensive Service and Calibration Solutions

AMETEK Land, a global leader in the manufacturing of highly precise infrared pyrometers, scanners, and thermal imagers, is elevating customer experience by offering an extensive service solution for ensuring optimal product performance and prolonged return on investment. Recognizing that all thermometers, regardless of their manufacturer, are susceptible to wear and tear over time, AMETEK Land’s service and calibration support stand as a proactive measure to uphold the measurement accuracy and longevity of the instruments.

The service support, accessible through AMETEK Land’s extensive network of regional accredited service centers worldwide, plays a crucial role in sustaining peak operating performance. On-site calibration conformance testing is employed to preserve the precision of temperature measurements. Victoria Jones, Team Leader – Aftermarket at AMETEK Land, emphasizes the significance of ongoing service and calibration adjustments, stating, “Our service and calibration adjustments restore instruments to ‘as new,’ limiting their deterioration. This not only assures customers of their instrument’s optimal functionality but also safeguards the substantial investment made in that equipment. It’s a proactive solution that maximizes the availability and uptime of your AMETEK Land products.”

Beyond service centers, AMETEK Land operates three accredited ISO 17025 laboratories, offering certification to validate the accuracy of temperature measurements. ISO 17025 certification provides an added layer of confidence through traceable independent testing, enabling thermometer operators to identify calibration shifts and correct errors beyond the specification, creating a valuable audit trail.

These ISO 17025 certification laboratories extend their certification services to non-AMETEK Land thermometers and pyrometers within their approval scope, contingent on the provision of necessary power supplies and cables.

Source: AMETEK Land with additional information added by Apazone

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