Alutec Embraces the Power of Osprey 10 Complete for Unmatched Performance

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Alutec Enhances Glass Quality Control with Osprey 10 Complete System

Alutec, the renowned building façade and architectural interiors specialist based in Qatar, has taken a significant step to ensure impeccable glass quality. By investing in the cutting-edge Osprey 10 complete system from LiteSentry – Softsolution, Alutec is now equipped to control optical distortion in glass effectively.

Unmatched Precision and Quality Assurance

Optical distortion in glass often arises due to uneven heating during the production process, resulting in a lack of flatness in the glass surface. To combat this challenge, Alutec turned to the advanced capabilities of the Osprey 10 complete system. With its intuitive user interface and powerful software, the Osprey precisely measures parameters such as optical distortion, anisotropy, belly bending, and skunk stripes. This data empowers Alutec to maintain strict quality control standards and deliver exceptional glass products to clients worldwide.

Alutec’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement

At Alutec, the pursuit of excellence is ingrained in their DNA. The implementation of Osprey’s live data monitoring enables Alutec to gain immediate insights into distortion and iridescence levels, ensuring their tempered glass products meet specified tolerances. Furthermore, tracking this data over time allows Alutec to conduct accurate process evaluations and continually enhance their manufacturing techniques.

Data-Driven Approvals and Unrivaled Expertise

By leveraging the analyzed data provided by Osprey, Alutec eliminates ambiguity from the approval process. With a firm commitment to scientific principles over subjective opinions, Alutec relies on concrete data to make informed decisions. The installation of the Osprey 10 complete system at their Doha facility not only received commendations for its quick turnaround but also highlighted Alutec’s significantly low distortion levels compared to global norms.

Mr. John Douglas from Alutec expresses his satisfaction, stating, “We are delighted to have installed the latest Osprey 10 complete scanning technology. Its contributions are multifold: ensuring our tempered products meet tolerances, facilitating process evaluation, and providing invaluable data for approvals. We extend our gratitude to the Osprey team for their exceptional support during the installation.”

With Alutec’s investment in the Osprey 10 complete system, their commitment to unparalleled glass quality control is reinforced, solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

Source: LiteSentry – Softsolution with additional information added by Apazone

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