AluFoldDirect Unveils A-BiFold: Paving the Way for a Revolutionary Era in Energy-Efficient Aluminium Glazing

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A Warm Welcome to the Future: AluFoldDirect’s A-BiFold Ushers in a New Dawn of Aluminium with Unmatched Energy Efficiency

In a groundbreaking move towards redefining energy efficiency benchmarks, acclaimed trade and commercial fabricator AluFoldDirect proudly introduces A-BiFold, the inaugural product in its Solution series. This revolutionary addition, boasting an impressive 0.8 W/m²K U-value, not only sets a new standard for thermal performance but also promises AluFoldDirect’s hallmark rapid two-week delivery – glazed and directly to the installation site.

A-BiFold emerges from the company’s continuous improvement initiative and takes its place among a suite of high-level energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors. Available in a new build Solution at 1.2 W/m²K U-value and a Building Regulation compliant Solution at 1.4 W/m²K U-value, the Solution series provides AluFoldDirect with a versatile, ready-to-install solution, catering to diverse thermal requirements of various projects.

Responding to the demands of specifiers and homeowners alike, AluFoldDirect’s “Warm Welcome to 0.8” directive brings low U-value aluminium glazing within easy reach of installers seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for highly insulated and sustainable products.

Rhodri John, Commercial Director at AluFoldDirect, emphasizes the strategic move: “The demand for more thermally efficient glazing surpasses current Building Regulations, evident in this year’s Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, where half of surveyed homeowners expressed a desire for enhanced energy efficiency. As we approach the Future Homes Standard 2025, it’s imperative to provide installers with straightforward solutions for high thermal performance glazing from a reliable supplier.”

“A-BiFold and our Solution series achieve precisely this, offering additional practical advantages such as super-slim sightlines and clip-in pre-gasketed beads, simplifying the glazing process with the elegance of aluminium comparable to PVCu.”

Crafted with the installer in mind, A-BiFold presents various configurations up to 14 sashes, high-security multipoint locking, and Secured by Design accreditation as standard. Rhodri underscores the precision in manufacturing: “Our unique automated facility ensures products are built and delivered with unparalleled accuracy in the industry. A-BiFold signifies a warm welcome to Aluminium 0.8.”

Source: Apazone

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