Aludium Secures Renewable Energy Future with Statkraft Partnership

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Leading aluminum manufacturer, Aludium, has inked a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Statkraft

Aludium, a prominent player in aluminum rolled product manufacturing globally, has solidified its commitment to sustainability by entering a significant 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Statkraft, Europe’s leading renewable energy generator. Operating across three European plants, Aludium aims to embrace a greener future, with the PPA taking effect from July 1, 2024. The partnership is set to play a pivotal role in Aludium’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions, with a focus on achieving less than 4.5 t CO2/t Al (cradle-to-gate) intensity. By leveraging renewable energy, Aludium aims to create certified low-carbon emission products, boost aluminum scrap recycling, and uphold the highest environmental management standards, aligning with its 2025 sustainability objectives.

The significance of this agreement lies in its contribution to expediting Aludium’s industrial decarbonization efforts while championing renewable and clean electricity practices. Lionel Chapis, the CEO of Aludium, emphasizes the milestone, stating, “With the signing of this agreement, we are taking a significant step towards achieving our goal of having an electricity consumption based solely on renewable energy.” He further notes that Aludium’s actions in combating climate change involve accelerating the transition to clean energy, fostering a more sustainable and resilient planet for present and future generations.

Tiago Thomaz, Head of Origination Iberia at Statkraft, highlights the partnership as evidence of Statkraft’s role as a key ally for heavy industry, supporting their decarbonization journey. He notes that the collaboration enables industries like Aludium to continue generating employment and welfare sustainably, emphasizing the importance of industry participation in achieving a net-zero future.

Juan Temboury, General Manager of Fortia Energía, adds that the agreement is instrumental in emissions reduction and diversifying supply sources, crucial elements in navigating the uncertainties of the electricity market. The long-term partnership with Statkraft since 2018 underscores Fortia Energía’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in energy transition and industrial decarbonization.

Source: Apazone

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