Alcoa Engages in Dialogue with Spanish Authorities to Tackle Challenges at San Ciprián Complex

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Alcoa Corporation, a global leader in the aluminum industry, initiates crucial discussions with Spanish national and regional authorities to navigate ongoing financial challenges at its San Ciprián complex, encompassing an alumina refinery and aluminum smelter

Alcoa Corporation, a prominent figure in the global aluminum industry, has embarked on a series of significant meetings with Spanish national and regional authorities to confront the persistent financial challenges plaguing its San Ciprián complex. The complex, housing both an alumina refinery and an aluminum smelter, has encountered substantial operational hurdles in recent times.

In response to operational difficulties, the San Ciprián smelter’s activities were curtailed in January 2022, following an agreement with workers’ representatives forged in December 2021. Subsequent developments witnessed Alcoa committing to a phased reopening of the aluminum smelter starting in January 2024, as outlined in a revised Viability Agreement signed in February 2023. Simultaneously, the refinery has operated at half its regular capacity since the third quarter of 2022 to mitigate losses. Despite these efforts, both the smelter and refinery continue to grapple with escalating economic challenges.

Since the reduction in smelter operations, Alcoa has faced issues with uncompetitive energy costs and delays in securing alternative energy sources, despite having inked power purchase agreements. The company is also confronted with broader market challenges, including a general economic slowdown in Europe and declining sales prices. Despite these obstacles, Alcoa has upheld its commitments under the Viability Agreement, investing US$65 million in 2023.

In a press release, Alcoa President and CEO William Oplinger commented on the situation, stating, “We’ve been working to abide by all of the commitments contained in the Viability Agreement, including making capital investments, but the current situation remains severely challenged. We are resolved to continue conversations with the government and workers’ representatives in a collaborative manner as we look to a long-term solution.”

While Alcoa initially had sufficient funds to meet its obligations under the original and amended Viability Agreements, the persistent adverse business conditions at the San Ciprián operations necessitate sustainable, long-term solutions. The company urges both regional and national governments to explore all possible relief measures and collaborate on a lasting resolution.

Renowned for its contributions to the bauxite, alumina, and aluminum sectors, Alcoa emphasizes a sustainable future for the aluminum industry. The company’s values-driven approach centers on integrity, operational excellence, care for people, and courageous leadership. Alcoa’s mission is to transform raw potential into tangible progress, supported by a history of innovation and best practices that have enhanced efficiency, safety, sustainability, and community engagement.

Source: Apazone

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