AGC Glass Europe Unveils Mirox 4Green+: The Ultimate Premium Mirror Experience

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AGC Glass Europe Introduces Mirox 4Green+: The Next Level in Premium Lead-Free Mirrors

AGC Glass Europe takes a leap forward with Mirox 4Green+, the latest innovation in their range of environmentally friendly mirrors. Designed with a water-based protective coating and significantly reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this exceptional mirror solution enhances both air quality and well-being at home and in the workplace.

A Sustainable Choice

With Mirox 4Green+, AGC Glass Europe continues its commitment to sustainability. Compared to standard mirrors, this remarkable product requires 20 percent less paint, containing less than 10 percent organic solvents. As a result, its VOC emissions are a remarkable 80 percent lower. By choosing Mirox 4Green+, you opt for a sustainable mirror that contributes to good indoor air quality, thanks to near-zero emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Creating Better Working Conditions

Not only does Mirox 4Green+ enhance the well-being of building occupants, but it also improves working conditions for employees. By utilizing water-based paint, the production process releases less CO2, preventing approximately 150 g of CO2 per square meter. This reduction not only contributes to a healthier environment but also supports the overall well-being of our workers.

Unparalleled Opacity for Backlit Applications

Mirox 4Green+ boasts full opacity, making it the ideal choice for backlit mirror applications. Its unique paint coating ensures optimal light diffusion within the sandblasted part of the glass, delivering a superior finish that truly stands out.

Vibrant Color Options with Enhanced Safety

Both Mirox 4Green+ and Mirox MNGE come in four elegant colors: Clear, Clearvision, Bronze, and Grey. For added safety, they are also available in a SAFE+ version, providing enhanced protection without compromising on style.

AGC Glass Europe remains committed to delivering environmentally conscious solutions, and Mirox 4Green+ sets a new benchmark for premium mirrors with its exceptional sustainability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Experience the future of lead-free mirrors with Mirox 4Green+.

Source: AGC Glass Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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