A Powerful Alliance: Vetreria 2M and Forel Join Forces for Unmatched Excellence

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Vetreria 2M and Forel: An Unbeatable Partnership Pioneering Solutions

Discover the remarkable journey of Vetreria 2M, an Italian glass manufacturer that thrives where others face difficulties. Founded in 1988 by Mauro Tanfoglio and Massimo Belleri in Brescia, Vetreria 2M has evolved into a dynamic and well-structured firm. With a sprawling factory spanning over 7,000 square meters, they specialize in residential and large-scale commercial insulating glass, as well as glass for interior design. Guided by a commitment to growth and ambitious expansion goals, Vetreria 2M continues to make waves in the industry.

The Vision: Challenging the Norms

Belleri shares, “We aimed to specialize and excel where others encountered obstacles. Rather than relying on discounts, we sought to impress customers with our unrivaled expertise.” With an enterprising approach, Vetreria 2M embraced Forel as their partner from the very beginning, investing in their first insulating glass line. This strategic decision has woven a thread of success for three decades, leading up to the recent installation of the cutting-edge High Tech insulating glass line, which is currently in operation. Capable of processing panels up to the Jumbo 6000×3300 format, accommodating double, triple, and even quadruple insulating glass, as well as stepped units of up to 100 mm, this state-of-the-art solution offers unmatched flexibility to glassworks like Vetreria 2M, ensuring the delivery of top-quality products.

Embracing Opportunities, Delivering Excellence

Belleri elaborates, “We have maintained a broad vision, catering to both small private orders and large-scale projects. In recent years, we have specialized in supplying other glass manufacturers, recognizing the limited investment in new equipment and technology within our industry. In contrast, we boldly acquired cutting-edge equipment that enables us to process products that others cannot. Today, numerous glassworks seek our collaboration, and our clientele ranges from individuals to construction companies who rely on our expertise and support for their special projects.”

Guided by Generations, Driven by Innovation

The board of Vetreria 2M includes Kevin Tanfoglio, Mauro’s son, who grew up immersed in the business and gained invaluable experiences both in Italy and abroad before joining the company. Commenting on the decision to choose Forel’s “High Tech” line, Kevin explains, “To truly understand a company, you need to immerse yourself in its operations. We have known the Forel brand for many years, but it was during our visit to their plant in Treviso that we discovered shared visions, extraordinary dedication, and a commitment to providing high technological solutions. Choosing Forel allows us to cater to specialized niches in the insulating glass market, solving problems where others struggle.”

Pioneering the Future of the Italian Glass Market

Kevin sheds light on the evolving glass market, stating, “Globally, glass is an integral part of the energy consumption reduction agenda. In Italy and Europe, many buildings lack energy-saving performance, necessitating upgrades in the near and long-term future. Quality insulating glass will play a vital role in this process. Companies like Vetreria 2M, equipped with state-of-the-art solutions, will undoubtedly lead the way in the next phase.”

A Continuous Drive for Advancement

Vetreria 2M remains forward-thinking and driven to excel. In the coming months, they have scheduled the installation of two new Forel solutions to enhance their production capabilities. The Art. EM vertical grinding machine, capable of arrissing, grinding, and flat edge polishing, will enhance edge processing. Additionally, the Art. SS Sorting System will streamline productivity, order control, flexibility, and safety, further elevating their operations.

At Vetreria 2M, innovation, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence continue to set new standards in the glass manufacturing industry.

Source: Forel with additional information added by Apazone

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