50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference: A Milestone in Architectural Excellence

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50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference: Pioneering “Climate.Safe.Construction”

In a world increasingly defined by the urgency of climate change, the 50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference, slated for October 11-12, 2023, is poised to make a significant impact. Under the theme “climate.safe.construction,” this milestone conference highlights the critical role the building industry plays in mitigating climate change.

Addressing Urgent Concerns

The conference recognizes that there is “no alternative” to addressing the pressing issue of reducing CO2 emissions in existing buildings through enhanced insulation and heating technology. Despite challenges such as rising costs, a dwindling skilled workforce, and declining new construction, the imperative remains clear. Additionally, the conference acknowledges the increasing frequency of climate extremes, including tornadoes, floods, and heatwaves, often overlooked despite their significant impact on public health.

A Comprehensive Agenda

The 50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference offers a diverse and enriching agenda. Practical insights will cover sustainability proofs, glass dimensioning, and summer thermal insulation according to the new DIN 4108-2. Moreover, sessions on soundproofing and mitigating “bird strikes” on glass surfaces will provide valuable knowledge. The celebratory Bavarian evening on Wednesday promises a unique networking experience and surprises in celebration of the conference’s 50th anniversary.

Reliable Information in an Era of Disinformation

In an age marred by misinformation and conflicting narratives, the conference stands as a beacon of reliable, first-hand information. Since its inception in 1972, the Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference has been a trusted source for industry decision-makers, offering the latest insights in standardization, technology, and science.

Navigating Turbulent Waters

The current landscape is characterized by challenges such as labor shortages, inflation, and evolving government policies. Yet, it is also rife with opportunities. The demand for energy-efficient refurbishment and housing remains strong, ensuring a prosperous future for the industry. However, adaptation to increasing climate extremes remains an unaddressed concern, despite the Robert Koch Institute’s findings that heatwaves alone lead to up to 10,000 heat-related deaths.

A Vision for a Resilient Future

The conference’s plenary lectures will delve into the theme of “climate.safe.construction,” discussing the requirements and evaluation methods for sustainable and climate-resilient building products. Other topics include market forecasts, futurology, and recommendations for drafting window and facade construction contracts.

A Wealth of Insightful Sessions

From climate-resilient windows and doors to the benefits of “Serial Building” for faster and cost-effective energy optimization, the conference will explore vital industry topics. Renowned speakers will share their expertise, providing attendees with actionable insights.

Connecting and Collaborating

Beyond the enriching sessions, attendees will have ample opportunities to connect and collaborate with industry experts, peers, and ift Rosenheim professionals. The Meeting Point is the ideal space for discussions and networking.

Join the Conversation

The 50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference promises to be a landmark event, shaping the future of climate-safe construction practices. To explore the full program and register, visit the official conference website.

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Sources- Claudia Winklmayr, Dr. Matthias an der Heiden, Hitzebedingte Mortalität in Deutschland (Heat-related mortality in Germany) 2022, RKI – Epidemiologisches Bulletin 42, Berlin 10/2022

Source: ift Rosenheim with additional information added by Apazone

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