2MH Glas Unveils Groundbreaking Glass Innovations at Step Change 2023 – A Milestone Event with Glastory

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2MH Glas Shines in Episode #10 of Step Change 2023 Series: Pioneering Sustainable Glass Technologies

In a monumental showcase at Step Change 2023, 2MH Glas GmbH from Freiberg, Germany, takes the spotlight on episode #10, unveiling two revolutionary technologies poised to transform the glass industry.

Accelerating Glass Stabilization: A Swift, Energy-Efficient Breakthrough

Traditional methods of achieving glass stability often involve thickening the glass through tempering or chemical ion exchange, processes notorious for their time consumption – up to 24 hours. 2MH Glas disrupts this norm with a groundbreaking technology that achieves glass stability in a mere 5 to 30 minutes. This not only ensures thinner and stronger glass but also boasts an impressive 95% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional methods.

Introducing Salt Regeneration Material: Prolonging Bath Life for Sustainable Glass Production

Addressing the challenge of salt bath longevity in the ion exchange process, 2MH Glas introduces the salt regeneration material, a game-changer that extends the lifespan of salt baths, effectively doubling or tripling their usage. This dual innovation of fast hardening and salt bath regeneration opens the door to producing thinner glasses with enhanced stability and scratch resistance, all achieved with minimal energy and material consumption.

Charting a New Course at Glass Performance Days

Sharing insights from the Glass Performance Days conference, 2MH Glas emphasizes the event’s unique intensity, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement with diverse professionals in the glass industry. The company’s presence at Tampere not only underscores its commitment to innovation but also marks a strategic move to build a robust network within the float glass industry.

Visionary Goals: Establishing a New Standard

2MH Glas envisions its pioneering process as the new standard for the entire glass industry. With the ability to shrink glass thickness, the company contributes significantly to energy and material conservation, crucial in a landscape where costs are continually escalating. The positive references garnered over the years, including successful installations and collaborations with conventional ion exchange users, showcase the industry’s increasing acceptance and adoption of these transformative technologies.

In summary, 2MH Glas stands at the forefront of glass innovation, redefining standards and propelling the industry towards a sustainable and efficient future.

Source: Mari Lehtinen | Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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