2024 FGIA Events Sites, Dates Announced

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Exciting Developments Unveiled: FGIA’s 2024 Events Calendar

FGIA’s Annual Conference – A Grand Kickoff in Amelia Island, FL! Get ready for a year filled with enlightenment, innovation, and unparalleled networking opportunities as the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) proudly presents its highly anticipated 2024 events lineup. Kicking off this extraordinary series is the prestigious FGIA 2024 Annual Conference, scheduled to take place from February 19-22 at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in the picturesque Amelia Island, FL. This conference promises a transformative experience, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts. Save the date and be sure to watch out for the registration opening in December. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Diverse Offerings: From Virtual Summits to In-Person Gatherings

FGIA understands the diverse needs of its members. That’s why our 2024 calendar offers a dynamic range of events, catering to various preferences and ensuring widespread participation. First on the list is the FGIA FENBC Region Industry Summit on April 3, a virtual gathering that transcends geographical boundaries, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations. Following this, on April 30, the virtual FGIA Southeast Region Meeting will convene, providing a platform for professionals from the southeastern region to exchange ideas and stay updated with the industry trends.

Summer Bliss in Montreal: FGIA Summer Conference

As the warmth of summer blankets the northern hemisphere, we invite you to the FGIA Summer Conference from June 3-6 at Le Westin in Montreal, QC. Montreal, with its vibrant culture and architectural marvels, sets the stage for an event that promises not only professional enrichment but also a delightful cultural experience. Engage with industry experts, attend insightful workshops, and explore the charming streets of Montreal during this exceptional event.

Connecting Virtually: FGIA Western Region Summit

Embracing the digital era, FGIA continues its commitment to knowledge dissemination through the FGIA Western Region Summit on July 16, a virtual symposium that connects professionals from the western region. Join from the comfort of your home or office, breaking geographical barriers and fostering collaboration in an innovative online environment.

Fall Conference: A Gathering of Visionaries in Minneapolis, MN

As autumn leaves paint the landscape with hues of gold, the industry’s finest will converge at the FGIA Fall Conference from September 16-19. The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN, will be the epicenter of groundbreaking discussions, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning. Engage with thought leaders, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the shaping of tomorrow’s fenestration and glazing landscape.

Technical Excellence in Surrey, BC: FENBC Region Technical Summit

Closing the year on a high note, the FENBC Region Technical Summit will be held on November 6 at the Northview Country Club in Surrey, BC. This event focuses on technical advancements, offering a platform for professionals to delve deep into industry-specific challenges and explore innovative solutions. Attendees can expect a day filled with enriching technical sessions and networking opportunities.

For a comprehensive understanding of these events, including detailed agendas, speakers’ profiles, and registration information, we invite you to visit our official website at FGIAonline.org. Join in 2024 as we embark on a journey of knowledge, collaboration, and industry excellence. FGIA remains committed to shaping the future of fenestration and glazing, and we look forward to welcoming you to our events!

Source: FGIAonline.org with additional information added by Apazone

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