2023 Fall Conference Unveils Exciting FGIA Certification Program Updates

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Empowering Fenestration Excellence: Insights from FGIA’s Certification Programs

At the forefront of industry innovation, the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) continues to strengthen its commitment to quality fenestration products. Two distinguished staff members, Amy Becker and Jason Seals, took the stage at the 2023 Fall Conference to share pivotal updates regarding FGIA’s insulating glass (IG) and fenestration certification programs.

Amy Becker: Elevating Insulating Glass Certification

Amy Becker, Glass Products Specialist, plays a pivotal role in overseeing FGIA’s IG certification programs. Her responsibilities span the IGCC/IGMA and IGMAC IG certification programs, and she serves as the internal auditor for FGIA’s fenestration certification initiatives.

A Commitment to Excellence

Becker emphasized the critical importance of FGIA’s IG certification programs in ensuring the long-term thermal performance of fenestration systems. “Certification,” she noted, “is a testament to your dedication to your products and, more importantly, your customers.”

Resources for Success

Becker revealed that FGIA has updated several IG certification resources, making compliance more accessible for industry professionals. She encouraged licensees to leverage available glass standards, underscoring their value for technicians conducting crucial glass testing.

Jason Seals: Navigating AAMA Certification Programs

Jason Seals, FGIA Certification Services Manager, Fenestration, provided insights into the performance of AAMA certification programs, an integral part of FGIA’s commitment to delivering quality fenestration products to market.

The Power of Accreditation

Seals lauded the success of the accredited labs program, noting that products or components tested under AAMA certification must originate from an AAMA-accredited laboratory.

Millions Touched by Excellence

Highlighting the impact of the AAMA certification program, Seals shared a remarkable statistic: Nearly 800 million AAMA Gold Labels have been used to certify products since 2000. “We touch a lot of the windows, doors, and skylights built in the country today,” he affirmed.

ENERGY STAR® Version 7.0: A Focus on Compliance

Seals addressed ENERGY STAR Version 7.0, set to take effect on October 23. He advised manufacturers to closely monitor the dates of their air leakage reports to avoid potential complications with ENERGY STAR compliance.

A Unified Message: Third-Party Certification and Inspections

Both Becker and Seals emphasized the pivotal role of third-party certification and regular inspections in safeguarding quality and brand reputation. “Addressing issues proactively can save significant costs and enhance brand equity,” Seals concluded.

Source: FGIAonline.org with additional information added by Apazone

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